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On-Demand Webinar 4 Keys to Success: Pacing the Healthcare Transition from Volume to Value

The transition from volume to value-based payments is arguably the most significant strategic issue facing healthcare providers today

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In this webcast, Scott Clay, Healthcare Consulting Principal at PYA, introduces a strategic framework to establish and communicate a pace of change that fits your organization and your market.

The transition from volume to value-based payments is arguably the most significant strategic issue facing healthcare providers today. However, the rate at which this transition is occurring is different across markets and providers. Determining the pace of change is unique to each organization and is a critical factor for financial success for all healthcare providers. Move too quickly and healthcare providers risk “leaving money on the table” in fee-for-service contracts. Move too slowly and they risk losing value-based payments. Timing, therefore, is everything and varies in each market.

You will learn:

  • How government policies “set the floor” on the degree of change required.
  • How to determine your market’s pace.
  • How to identify your current position and culture related to value-based payments.
  • How to set and communicate the pace of transition consistent with your market and your organization’s culture.
  • How to bring these components together into an executable plan that all healthcare providers can use and then monitor ongoing market changes.

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meet the Speakers

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Scott Clay

Principal, PYA

With more than 25 years of experience in healthcare senior management and consulting, Scott specializes in strategic and financial planning – helping clients identify strategic options that fit their unique circumstances, assessing the financial impact of the options, and facilitating discussions to reach an agreement on key priorities. He leads projects in strategy and service line development, medical staff development, and financial forecasting/ feasibility. In addition to holding senior-level positions with several national consulting firms, Scott has served as Director of Strategic Planning for a five-hospital health system and as an administrator for specialty hospitals.

Scott’s clients include community hospitals, multi-hospital systems, academic medical centers, and physician practices. His recent research efforts have been in the areas of physician-hospital alignment, strategic financial planning, and emerging payment models. Additionally, he is a frequent author and speaker on healthcare strategic and financial topics.

PYA, a national healthcare consulting and CPA firm, helps clients navigate and derive value amid complex challenges related to regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, governance, business valuations and fair market value assessments, multi-unit business and clinical integrations, best practices, tax and assurance, business analysis, and operations optimization. PYA is ranked by Modern Healthcare as the nation’s 9th largest privately owned healthcare consulting firm.