6 Keys to Strategic Planning

Developing a strategic plan is tough enough but making your strategic plan work for you and actually executing on and measuring success of that plan can present its own challenges. This on-demand webcast explores 6 Keys to strategic planning that help you overcome common strategic planning challenges that are relevant to your industry. Learn how to:

  • Work on your organization and not just in your organization
  • Make your plan work for you by understanding risks and looking ahead to future plans
  • Measure and execute your strategy
  • Stays focused on the future rather than stuck in the past
  • Leverages AchieveIt cloud-based software to keep teams on track

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Doug-Gaskell strategic planning Webcast| 6 Keys to Strategic Planning gaskell

Doug Gaskell

Doug-Gaskell strategic planning Webcast| 6 Keys to Strategic Planning StewartBrown

Stew Brown

Doug Gaskell, Principal,
North Star Strategy

Doug Gaskell began his career in management consulting with Booz Allen Hamilton. Doug has served commercial, nonprofit, and local government clients as well as across all three branches of the Federal Government.

Stew Brown, Principal,
Dunkirk Partners

Stewart Brown is a management consultant and executive coach with over forty years of experience in consulting, corporate, and military leadership.