Finally… An Implementation platform designed with Higher Education in mind

By Amanda Ferenczy

Execution Platform Designed for Higher Education Plan Implementation


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Strategy Implementation for Higher Education.

Made Simple.


Most higher education institutions do their planning — whether it be a strategic plan, facilities plan, fundraising plan, operational plan, etc. — in spreadsheets. LOTS of spreadsheets. But as you execute, your organization and your plans get out of alignment. Spreadsheets are just files… in order to keep the status of the plans in them current, someone – YOU – has to chase down, collect and combine input from other people. So you spend hours and hours hunting down colleagues, cutting and pasting from emails, combining spreadsheets… instead of driving better execution.

Watch the video below to see how other higher education professionals can get out of Excel hell and improve implementation.

[Case Study] Texas Tech University

Learn how Texas Tech manages their project load and progress tracking across multiple locations.

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