Save Mart Supermarkets

A Supermarket Gets Serious About Strategy


  • INDUSTRY: Food Retail
  • BRANDS: Save Mart, Lucky, and FoodMaxx
  • USE CASE: Project Management and Strategic Plan Tracking
  • COMPANY SIZE: 20 departments, 216 stores, 19,000+ employees


  • Coordinated resources and reporting across initiatives of 3 brands
  • Replaced project management tools, spreadsheets, and emails with more efficient processes


  • Automated reporting and live dashboards turn performance data into actionable insights
  • Filtered views boost overall efficiency and productivity in status update meetings
  • Cross-plan visibility to see progress across individual departments and quickly provide support

AchieveIt saves time for all departments because it allows them to plan more efficiently, set goals effectively and monitor progress successfully. That, by itself, will allow all staff in all departments to focus on what they do best: achieve results.

Hal Levitt

Executive Director of Strategic Executiont

About Save Mart

The phrase “highly competitive” barely begins to describe the supermarket industry. Fast moving specialty food stores, mass merchandisers, discount chains, warehouse stores, convenience stores, and online retailers are all competing with traditional supermarkets for their share of shoppers’ food budgets.

In order for Save Mart Supermarkets of Modesto, California to keep their prices competitive and customer satisfaction high, they have to maximize efficiencies at every step across 216 stores and thousands of employees.

The Challenge

Every department at Save Mart functions as a separate, autonomous unit, with its own strategic goals and operational timelines. Coordinating individual agendas to serve the company as a whole is a serious challenge. Prior to working with AchieveIt, Save Mart struggled to find a single tool that could help them coordinate deliverables and initiatives of 20 departments, three brands, and hundreds of stores.

They were getting by the way so many other companies still do today — relying on a variety of disconnected products, including project management tools, spreadsheets, written documents, and email. The process was time-consuming and didn’t always provide the actionable insight they needed. That’s when they turned to AchieveIt.

The Solution

AchieveIt gives Save Mart’s managers and teams the opportunity to transform their daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly performance data and activity into actionable insights with a single tool.

They can see how all the various departments are progressing across the board, and how resources can be shared. With the high-level visibility, the Project Management Office can now see problems individual departments may not be able to see on their own, and proactively provide support.

The Results

The Save Mart team loves using AchieveIt for its intuitive, easy-to-use design and believes that it has boosted the company’s overall efficiency and productivity.


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