Optimize Your Supply 
Chain Processes

Blueprint 360 is the only end-to-end supply chain solution that helps your team build expert solutions to supply chain challenges, and get 360° visibility into your implementation and beyond.

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supply chain

Blueprint 360 helps you:

  • Achieve Efficient Execution
  • Drive More Customer Value
  • Enhance Organizational Responsiveness
  • Develop new products
  • Build Network Resiliency
  • Facilitate Financial Success
  • Mitigate Supply Chain Risk
  • Fund Business Growth

Our three-dimensional approach

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Develop your plan with internal knowledge

World-class supply chain experts work with your team to build an action plan that addresses your best improvement opportunities. 

Ensure accountability 
and follow-through

Track your plan implementation and execution with automated results reporting that will help you make better decisions.

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Get leadership coaching 
from Penn State

Leaders at the Center for Supply Chain Research™ will give action plan feedback and provide additional leadership coaching.

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Blueprint 360 will help you solve problems supply chain challenges like:

Supply Chain

Cycle Time

inventory days of supply






cycle time



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