Tell me if this sounds familiar, you created a wonderful strategic plan, it’s the proudest day of your life and the next time you’re going to require an update is in 6 months! You were doing so well and then everything fell apart with the follow-through. Don’t get down on yourself, it happens to many organizations and we’re here to help.

At AchieveIt we’ve made it very easy to receive status updates on your plan. I know I know, your skeptical, I can hear you disbelief from my office but I assure you I’m telling the truth. We’ve designed a system call TrackIt that allows every member of your organization to log in, see what they have responsibility for, make an update and log out. It’s been my experience that if you make updating the strategic plan easy, you won’t have to wait 6 months to review the progress you’ve made.

Strategic Planning Building a Plan  Update your Strategic Plan Early and Often Strategic Planning Building a Plan

Look at the screen shot below. Mark Dunstin logged in, saw he had quite a few assignments to update, clicked on the item of interest, updated his completion percentage, made a note and logged out. TrackIt is great because the user can see the history of their updates within the one screen. It’s a wonderful thing to see your 50 percent completion rate along with why.

I encourage you to check our quick video overview of our software and reach out to us if you’d like to see more. A live demo only takes around 15-20 minutes and we’d love to learn more about your strategic planning process. Enjoy the rest of your day!

building a strategic plan  Update your Strategic Plan Early and Often building a strategic plan1

Joseph Krause
Joseph Krause
Joe Krause is currently the VP of Business Development at Achieveit. He serves as his client’s dedicated resource on strategic planning by providing a wide range of consulting services. In his spare time you can find him at the various restaurants in Atlanta or at Crossfit trying to work off those meals.