Oh the crisp, cool air of fall. As a populous it seems to send us running to our couches to drink apple cider, eat Halloween candy, listen to Taylor Swift and watch football. The holidays will be here before you know it and full-on winter hibernation is in sight…but really this is the time we need to be more productive than ever! It is almost the end of the month, quarter and year and it is time to get our ducks in a row to achieve our goals. How can we resist the allure of the fall brain fog and perk up our mental energy?

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With stories in the news about Elon Musk teaching himself rocket science and Mark Zuckerberg practicing Chinese daily, it has gotten me thinking about stretching my mental muscles. Yes, I know these two individuals are intensely high functioning CEOs. I know, I know you think that you have no bandwidth to spare. But one of the reasons that Zuckerberg said he was learning Chinese (along with pleasing his wife’s family- smart guy) because he likes challenges. Challenges help us grow and be smarter, better, and faster team members. As humans it is easy for us to get stuck on autopilot doing daily tasks and forget this. I read an article on Inc. this week that talked about small things to do every day to make yourself smarter. Two of the things that stood out to me were being smarter about online time and making a “did” list.

I love puppy videos more than most, but I know that they aren’t nourishing my productivity. Incorporating watching some great TED talks, online courses, or maybe even vocabulary building tools (Scrabble counts) in your internet browsing time will pump up your mental endurance way more than lolcats, I promise.

For those of us in strategic planning, our plan reports make a great “did” list. This is the perfect time of year to maintain and report on your plans before things get crazy around the holidays. Are you on track to achieve your desired results? If not, make proactive changes and your team members and supervisors will be singing your praises. We have a bunch of great white papers to help you out.

What are some ways you dust out the cobwebs and stretch your mental muscles?

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Meagan M. Flores
Meagan M. Flores
Meagan M. Flores is the Vice President of Marketing for AchieveIt. A genuine 'problem-solver', when Meagan isn't nose-down in the Sunday Times crossword puzzle, you can find her leveraging her expertise spanning early stage startups to mature growth enterprises to comment trends and best practices related to strategy development and execution, leadership and revenue marketing.