It’s the end of the year… rally the troops!

It’s hard to believe but 2014 is drawing to a close and that means it’s time to get prepared for 2015. If your business is anything like mine, every year brings a large amount of change and you have to get your team positioned to navigate the changes. If you’re a strong leader change isn’t bad, changes are opportunities! Even strong leaders struggle with change but I’m here to arm you with some tips to start the New Year strong.

Are you nervous about how you broach the topic of year end change with your team? Fear not, Glenn Llopis, a contributor to Forbes, ( highlights five ways leaders can strengthen and prepare their teams for change. The five ways are:

  1. Clarity of the issues
  2. Embrace diversity of thought
  3. Strengthen your ecosystem
  4. Create competitive advantage
  5. Encourage critical and strategic thinking

I feel that Llopis’s number one point around providing clarity around the issues is a wonderful way to rally the troops around your vision for the New Year. We tend to fear things we don’t understand and if your plan for the New Year is unclear it will most certainly lead to unease on your team. You need a way to clearly communicate your path to success and coordinate your team to achieve the results you’ve modeled out. This typically happens through a ton of year end meetings Llopis’s sums up this point by saying,

“Clarity eliminates the guesswork and makes change management less about dealing with potential adversity and more about seeing and seizing the opportunities that are right in front of you. When teams don’t have clarity of the issues, they complicate matters by making false assumptions, and quickly lose sight of the opportunities at hand.”

Rally the Troops - Accountability CTA rally the troops Rally the Troops CTA Accountability is difficult

The good news is that clear communication is something firmly in your control. For example, I’ve had a number of meetings to discuss what’s expected of me in 2015. This high level of communication resulted in knowing exactly what needs to be done and I’m in a position to plans in place to hit the ground running in January. What’s the bottom line? Take the time, between now and December 31st, to promote clarity and communication. This will help eliminate any of your team’s barriers to execution. The first few weeks in January will set the tone for the rest of year. Work through your plans now and begin to execute after a happy holiday season.

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Joseph Krause
Joseph Krause
Joe Krause is currently the VP of Business Development at Achieveit. He serves as his client’s dedicated resource on strategic planning by providing a wide range of consulting services. In his spare time you can find him at the various restaurants in Atlanta or at Crossfit trying to work off those meals.