Don’t Envy Me…I Have the Hardest Job in the World

What Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) hasn’t silently said those words to themselves, or worse yet, let their inside voice coming rolling off their tongue?  It’s no wonder.  Today’s CMO is expected to do more than blanket customers with brand awareness and messaging. The CMO’s responsibilities now follow through helping and serving, with a focus on collaborating with other departments to place the customer experience first. And managing the data and metrics that drive this experience.

CMOs across the board are feeling the pressure to up their game (CMO Struggles and Opportunities in a Changing Industry) – a sentiment echoed in a recent post by Damon Ragusa.

According to Ragusa, for every struggle therein lies an opportunity:

Struggle #1: How do you translate different kinds of data into concrete, feasible action?

Opportunity #1: Reorganize your department’s structure to be agile.

Struggle #2: Improving the attribution of marketing efforts to sales while keeping one eye on the next step (or the next twenty steps).

Opportunity #2: The marketing venue is the marketplace

Struggle #3: It’s no longer as simple as coming up with the next “Have a Coke and a Smile”

Opportunity #3 The more you know…

Fear not.  Ragusa goes on to say that “The opportunities outweigh the struggles”…and he leaves his readers with this closing thought… “Being a CMO is now an interdisciplinary trade, one that requires acumen in customer behaviors, analytics, and new media. CMOs need to understand marketing spend by channel budgets, digital attribution, and return on investment — marketing has moved from a cost center to a center of cutting-edge technology and advancement.  Now, being a leader in the marketing field means turning challenges into opportunities give you the chance to be successful.”

CTA_Accountability is difficult chief marketing officer Don’t Envy Me…I Have the Hardest Job in the World CTA Accountability is difficult

No doubt, there’s a lot to get done in short order.  How does today’s CMO organize their resources and get it all done? 

Accountability, visibility, coordination all comes to mind. Could you benefit from a software platform that all of your employees could use to view individual goals, team goals, and the company’s goals throughout the course of their day? How about a dashboard that anyone on your team could use to hold themselves and others accountable for reaching the company’s targets? Maybe you’d like to assign tasks, track metrics, monitor progress and correct course in real time. Wouldn’t it be great to see how your team is tracking as they accomplish tasks and achieve milestones on the way to reaching larger and longer-term goals?

Sound too dreamy to be true?  Think again.  AchieveIt empowers leaders with the visibility and the capacity to coordinate their organizations to drive results. We call this Results Management.

Ok, my marketing hat is back on and I am talking the talk.  Really, I can’t help myself.  Stuff like this is just too good not to share.  I invite you to check it out for yourself and share your feedback AchieveIt .

CTA_what is results management chief marketing officer Don’t Envy Me…I Have the Hardest Job in the World CTA what is results management

Meagan M. Flores
Meagan M. Flores
Meagan M. Flores is the Vice President of Marketing for AchieveIt. A genuine 'problem-solver', when Meagan isn't nose-down in the Sunday Times crossword puzzle, you can find her leveraging her expertise spanning early stage startups to mature growth enterprises to comment trends and best practices related to strategy development and execution, leadership and revenue marketing.