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I was reading an article last week on the importance of real-time information in the business world. With growing technology trends and an imminent shift to the Cloud, it’s critical to keep up with accurate and current data. “Changes in business conditions happen too quickly today to rely on old information”. Having access to business visibility in real time allows us to make more informed decisions. No company, no matter the size, can afford to be behind the curve. Having access to real-time information gives you visibility into how your team is performing.

One of management’s primary responsibilities is making difficult decisions.

Every decision we make is with the hope to achieve some sort of result. For example, as a sales manager, I rely on my team to record their daily activity and forecast their pipeline in our CRM. This business visibility is key to my success. Based on pipeline size, appointments set, contracts out, etc. I can then decide where the team needs help. Resource allocation plays a huge role in this process. We never want to throw good money, people or time at items that don’t need to be addressed.

Access to real-time information also allows us to prioritize our time. Between putting out fires and daily operations, the workday can be quite hectic. It can become difficult to know which items need to be addressed before others. Certain events that occur in our workday are mission critical and should be acknowledged, while others can be pushed off. For example, if one of your biggest clients is unhappy with customer service, defected products or a missed feature release, it’s obviously important for members of the management team to step in and resolve this issue. The rudimentary tasks of the regular workday can be pushed off until more important objectives are accomplished.

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Removing barriers is one of the most important responsibilities of any business leader.

Problems are bound to happen throughout the course of the business week. It’s the role of managers to solve these problems so their direct reports can be more efficient. Employees should never have to worry about unforeseen obstacles getting in the way of their daily assignments. It would be ideal for managers to remove these hurdles before they even occur, but that is rather unrealistic. Great managers help their team accelerate the results curve by understanding their daily challenges and helping them to perform at a high level.

Performance monitoring is also a huge benefit of managing in real-time.

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of individual employees is a monumental value add for leaders. Being able to coach or train employees on their weaknesses and personifying their strengths allows your team to reach their full potential. Following these guidelines lets us hit the results we want as we attempt to grow our team members smarter, faster and better.

Current and accurate data is a defining aspect of any high-performing organization. It’s critical to gain visibility within our company. This allows us to increase our efficiency as we coordinate our team to achieve a common objective.

What you are doing to get better visibility into your company and team performance?

Preston Lyons
Preston Lyons
Preston runs Sales and New Business for AchieveIt. Preston is a world-class napper; a skill he developed as an undergrad at Georgia Tech. He’s also an avid history buff and loves reading anything related to WWII.