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5.5 Reasons Operational Plans Fail

What’s more important to your organization than its strategic plan? Probably nothing. Even other types of plans—strategic, business, project—are all susceptible to these six common failures. Plan and implement well, and you’ll drive the organization to unparalleled success. One misstep, though, and it’s game over.

To help organizations plan and execute better, we’ve identified the six most common ways strategy and execution fails. During the webinar you’ll to learn our tested tips on how to foolproof your plans and discover how to:

• Gain deeper insight into the most common reasons why strategic plans fail.

• Develop risk-mitigation strategies to prevent common planning and execution failures from occurring.

• Identify planning best practices that will elevate and strengthen the organization’s strategy development and execution management initiatives.

About the Speaker: Webinar given by AchieveIt’s Maria Frantz. To learn more about Maria, click here.

Company Productivity: How to Increase Results and Keep Staff Accountable

Everyone wants to increase productivity within their own organization, but few know how to combine sound planning principles with the firepower of technology to make it happen. It’s called creating a culture of accountability, and it is the most essential element to increasing company productivity. AchieveIt’s Maria Frantz will walk you through the four-step process while providing essential tips along the way.


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