I don’t know about you, but I’m a visual person when it comes to learning. Try to teach me something in the abstract and I’m lost. But show me an example and the information is quickly absorbed. I guess I’m a practice over theory kind of guy. I’m sure most of you shiver when you hear about strategic planning. Consultancies get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to conduct market research, assess the opportunities and challenges of the organizations, and the finally build a robust strategic plan. Sounds pretty daunting, right? Well fear not. Let me give you a strategic planning example just to show you how simple and organized this process can be.

Here is an example of a three level strategic plan. Not to worry, I’ll define each level as we go. Have a goal, measure it, and decide how we’re going to get there. It’s simple and effective. The following strategic planning example will you give you the ability to communicate your initiatives to your team concisely, while still yielding results.

Strategic Planning Building a Plan strategic planning examples Strategic Planning Examples: 3-Level Plan Hierarchy Strategic Planning Building a Plan

Goals: We’ve all had goals in every aspect of life. Be accepted into a good college, start the New Year off on the right foot by getting more involved in the community, shrink that waist, get your finances in order, etc. Goals are broad aspirations of what success looks like.

Measure It: This one takes a little more thought. If you don’t have an efficient way to measure the goal, then what’s the point? How do you know if you actually achieved success? I like to have a scoreboard that lets me know how I’m stacking up to the old me. And I love hitting a target that I set for myself. This is probably the most important level used in my strategic planning example.

Decide how I’m going to get there: Create some action steps that help you hit that target. HOW am I going to do all of this? Who needs to be involved? How much am I going to change my daily life? This one requires a lot of discipline and accountability. You know what you have to do, now it’s time just go do it.

There it is. A strategic planning example equipped with 3 levels. Have a goal, measure that thing and decide what it takes to get there. Happy planning!

building a strategic plan strategic planning examples Strategic Planning Examples: 3-Level Plan Hierarchy building a strategic plan1