Strategy development software that gets things done. And also gets results.

Strategy development software is about getting the right things done in the right amount of time to drive real business results. It’s about creating organizational transparency so that accountability is elevated to the highest levels and execution happens with focused precision. And it’s about aligning individual action items and assignments to organizational goals and objectives.

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A Proven, Best-Practice Methodology

Our best-practice Execution Flywheel methodology guides you through an easy-to-deploy process for developing, managing, monitoring, and executing plans of all types. Flawlessly work through the six phases – Focus, Plan, Align, Forecast, Monitor, and Report – and achieve breakthrough results. It’s strategy development software based on practice, rather than theory.

Real-Time Dashboards and Scorecards

Track plan results with dashboards and scorecards that include historical trend lines, and quickly identify where you are having success and where your plan is failing. With linkage between critical success metrics and action plans, you will easily be able to identify where execution is on overdrive, and where it is lacking. Imagine, strategy development software that actually accelerates the results curve.

See Results at an Individual Level

Want to know who is working on what, as well as the results they are achieving? That’s never a problem with ExecuteIt, our best-of-breed cloud-based strategy development software. Plan assignments at the individual level are available at every turn, so that you can quickly see who is carrying the organization and who might be dropping the ball – all which leads to heightened accountability and better execution.

Automated Email Reminders And Alerts

We remove the age-old excuse, “I didn’t know that was due last week,” through various automated email reminders, alerts, and digests, all designed to ensure that every member of your team remains focused on execution and achieving results. And if you are really worried about execution, you have the ability to automatically escalate any plan assignment to a second person if performance begins to falter. That’s what strategy development software is all about – elevating accountability and transparency.

Full Notes History for All Plan Items

Monitor the progress of any assignment by quickly and easily accessing the notes history. Want to know how often an assignment was updated and why? It’s easy to do with our strategy development software. And with auto date and time stamping, you can rest assured that the historical record is always accurate.

Document and Store Plan Deliverables

Attach a document to any assignment and make it available for the rest of your team. You can even require documentation before an assignment can be marked as 100% complete. This feature, which is available throughout our strategy development software, ensures a higher level of accountability, as your team knows that if they mark an item as done, the documentation better support their work product.

A Complete Strategy Development Toolkit

No execution management or strategy development software application contains as many robust tools as ExecuteIt. Take advantage of a complete suite of strategic business intelligence assessments to help align the thinking of your strategy team. The toolbox includes tools to evaluate your mission, values, and vision; an executive interviewing exercise; a strategic themes assessment; an internal operational capabilities gap assessment; an external PESTEL analysis; a virtual SWOT analysis; and a strategic change agenda.

Easy-to-Use Balanced Scorecards

With our strategy development software, we give you the ability to create a balanced scorecard for the organization, as well as divisions or departments. Link balanced scorecard metrics to your plans and create dashboards to monitor the overall health of the organization.

Track Key Performance Indicators

Use our strategy development software to track key performance indicators and monitor their performance with dashboards and historical trend lines. Never be left in the dark again about the quality of your organization’s key business processes and be alerted when key performance indicators go out of compliance. 

Robust, Point-and-Click Reporting Capabilities

Our library of reports puts easy access to information at your fingertips. Use our strategy development software to generate reports of all types and download them in many different formats for printing or distribution. Our one-of-a-kind Briefing Book quickly builds a comprehensive report of all plan activities, including dashboards, balanced scorecards, and key performance indicators.

Capture Revenue and Cost of Implementation

Most organizations never fully understand the return on investment of any of their plans. That’s not the case with ExecuteIt. With our strategy development software, you can easily capture revenue and cost-savings assumptions, as well as the costs to implement specific tactics, and let the application do the rest. You will quickly see the ROI for every plan objective, as well as the total ROI for the plan itself. What’s more, capital, labor, and non-labor budget reports are merely a click away.

Unlimited Portals and Plans

When it comes to managing your organization’s planning and execution activities, you need flexibility. Which is why we give you the ability to create an unlimited number of portals, while also allowing you to provide access to any portal on an as-needed basis. You can also build, execute, and monitor an unlimited number of plans in any portal you have access to. And because everything is permission-based, you decide who can do what in every portal. With single username sign on, accessing your strategy development software portals and plans is never easier.

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